Planet of the Apes LEGO…for Darren.


Today was Darren Marshall’s last day at work, (may I have the honor of being his co-worker again someday.  The man is a legend!).  This was part of his going away present from all of us. A nice shout-out to my husband Dave, who did the hard work figuring out Lady Liberty’s head and torch.   And check out this blog that was posted yesterday on about Darren, by Dave Filoni:   Sculpting the Clone Wars

ApesLiberty01ApesLiberty02ApesLiberty03 ApesLiberty04 ApesLiberty05

ApesMinifigs01 ApesMinifigs03

SHAUN OF THE DEAD lego minifigs

FRIED GOLD!  Fingers crossed to see if the “Winchester Tavern” set actually gets made by LEGO!  Figured I should post my own version of these dudes before it’s too late, and the real deal ends up on the shelves at Toys R Us…

With this group, and the others, the faces and shirts are custom decals that I made and adhered to minifigs that I had polished blank with BRASSO.  The hair is custom sculpted by myself, (using Sculpey), and painted with enamel.

Now for a “SPACED” set. 😉

IT CROWD lego minifigs

The IT CROWD is one of most favorite comedy shows of all-time.  From left to right: Matt Berry’s character Douglas Reynholm, Katherine Parkinson as Jan or Jane or something similar, Richard Ayoade as Moss, and Chris O’Dowd’s character Roy.


I went on a bit of a British comedy binge when making this round of custom LEGO minifigs.  Here’s my version of “The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar” from MITCHELL & WEBB.  Sir Digby and his sidekick Ginger are the Sherlock Holmes and Watson of vagrant panhandlers, but it never really turns out quite right for them.