SHAUN OF THE DEAD lego minifigs

FRIED GOLD!  Fingers crossed to see if the “Winchester Tavern” set actually gets made by LEGO!  Figured I should post my own version of these dudes before it’s too late, and the real deal ends up on the shelves at Toys R Us…

With this group, and the others, the faces and shirts are custom decals that I made and adhered to minifigs that I had polished blank with BRASSO.  The hair is custom sculpted by myself, (using Sculpey), and painted with enamel.

Now for a “SPACED” set. 😉

IT CROWD lego minifigs

The IT CROWD is one of most favorite comedy shows of all-time.  From left to right: Matt Berry’s character Douglas Reynholm, Katherine Parkinson as Jan or Jane or something similar, Richard Ayoade as Moss, and Chris O’Dowd’s character Roy.


I went on a bit of a British comedy binge when making this round of custom LEGO minifigs.  Here’s my version of “The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar” from MITCHELL & WEBB.  Sir Digby and his sidekick Ginger are the Sherlock Holmes and Watson of vagrant panhandlers, but it never really turns out quite right for them.