I went on a bit of a British comedy binge when making this round of custom LEGO minifigs.  Here’s my version of “The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar” from MITCHELL & WEBB.  Sir Digby and his sidekick Ginger are the Sherlock Holmes and Watson of vagrant panhandlers, but it never really turns out quite right for them.

3 responses to “SIR DIGBY CHICKEN CAESAR lego minifigs

  1. Okay, I just found out about “minifigs”, and you MUST tell me where you got these! I love Sir Digby and Ginger! I’m even dressing up as Sir Digby for Halloween this year! Seriously, though. These are amazing.

    • Thanks! I made them – I use Brasso to remove existing paint from LEGO minifigs, then make my own waterslide decals using a template in Illustrator and print them out at home. Sometimes I sculpt new hair/hats out of Sculpey, too, and paint them with regular enamel paint.

      Mitchell and Webb are awesome 🙂

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