San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone for 2014, and long story short: I decided to submit a design for the first annual Her Universe Geek Couture Fashion Show.  My DeLorean design was chosen as one of the 30-odd finalists to participate!  It was a great experience – I learned a lot, met lots of amazing folks, and had all of the funs.  Special thanks to my amazing friend and model, Annika, for putting up with me and being so amazing on the catwalk – Kim for doing such beautiful makeup work, and my friend Johnna  for creating some pretty kick-ass accessories to go along with it.  Here are some more photos!



The following pics are close-ups of Johnna’s creations.  To see more of her equally amazing stuff, check out her Etsy store HERE.

DeLoreanBarcodeChoker DeLoreanBarcodePurse DeLoreanMrFusionCuff DeLoreanMrFusionNecklace DeLoreanRadiationEarrings

P.S.  We actually won first prize for Judge’s Choice!

Planet of the Apes LEGO…for Darren.


Today was Darren Marshall’s last day at work, (may I have the honor of being his co-worker again someday.  The man is a legend!).  This was part of his going away present from all of us. A nice shout-out to my husband Dave, who did the hard work figuring out Lady Liberty’s head and torch.   And check out this blog that was posted yesterday on about Darren, by Dave Filoni:   Sculpting the Clone Wars

ApesLiberty01ApesLiberty02ApesLiberty03 ApesLiberty04 ApesLiberty05

ApesMinifigs01 ApesMinifigs03

Halloween Party!

THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER is made even better by the annual Lucasfilm Halloween Party and costume contest.  I haven’t missed a party in the 12+ years that I’ve been working here, and every year the costumes are EPIC!  Since it’s about that time again, I thought I’d post up some of the favorites from yesteryears:


By far the best year ever.  A small army of us got together, and I think we had about every dang character in the movie represented.  A couple of the guys even built a to-scale Trojan Rabbit that we wheeled in to the sound stage where the party was taking place.  We won top prize, but had to split it 30 ways!  But by far the highlight of the evening was having THE BOSS take his picture with us.  Here’s some pictures from that night, (not pictured: Roger the Shrubber, the Rabbit with Big Sharp Pointy Teeth, and Sir Not Appearing In This Film).


Another big group effort.  We had every character from Bill and Ted, (minus Rufus), complete with telephone booth.  That year we got second place, but it’s totally cool because we lost to the most adorable JAWS cast ever.


Smaller group that year, but tons of fun props and stage shenanigans.  Our drummer couldn’t make it to the party, but it’s probably for the best, since he probably would have vaporized anyway.  We placed again, and plus, some random gnomes showed up and danced around our mini Stone’enge.


Another group of us that went as “things that kill cute things”.  My costume was a witch doctress that accessorized with beheaded Smurfs.


I made this costume for one of my friends’ baby girl.  I don’t think it went over quite so well with her, but it was fun to make:

SHAUN OF THE DEAD lego minifigs

FRIED GOLD!  Fingers crossed to see if the “Winchester Tavern” set actually gets made by LEGO!  Figured I should post my own version of these dudes before it’s too late, and the real deal ends up on the shelves at Toys R Us…

With this group, and the others, the faces and shirts are custom decals that I made and adhered to minifigs that I had polished blank with BRASSO.  The hair is custom sculpted by myself, (using Sculpey), and painted with enamel.

Now for a “SPACED” set. 😉

IT CROWD lego minifigs

The IT CROWD is one of most favorite comedy shows of all-time.  From left to right: Matt Berry’s character Douglas Reynholm, Katherine Parkinson as Jan or Jane or something similar, Richard Ayoade as Moss, and Chris O’Dowd’s character Roy.