Planet of the Apes LEGO…for Darren.


Today was Darren Marshall’s last day at work, (may I have the honor of being his co-worker again someday.  The man is a legend!).  This was part of his going away present from all of us. A nice shout-out to my husband Dave, who did the hard work figuring out Lady Liberty’s head and torch.   And check out this blog that was posted yesterday on about Darren, by Dave Filoni:   Sculpting the Clone Wars

ApesLiberty01ApesLiberty02ApesLiberty03 ApesLiberty04 ApesLiberty05

ApesMinifigs01 ApesMinifigs03

New book ready for pre-order on Amazon!

You can now pre-order your copy [copies] of Punch Drunk Moustache on, (release date 2013).  It’s a compilation art book starring myself, Chris Voy, Jeff Sangali, John-Paul Balmet, Max Lim, Nate Watson, Sean Pando, and Will Nichols, all of whom work at Lucasfilm Animation.  It’s 128 pages of artsy goodness and eye candy that is NOT Star Wars related, but awesomesauce all the same:

Link to HERE